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        The fee establishes by negotiation for each cause, related to difficulty, scope, complexity and duration of the case, period of time and work volume involved. In lawsuit instance, the contract establishes time grading of fees, retaining and term fees, which are agreed with each client. The client will supported the afferent expenses related to performed activities (judicial and non judicial taxes, third parts fees, transport, accommodation and food expenses in case of professional traveling and other related expenses) separate by the negotiated fee.
        The justified documents for the mentioned expenses will be presented to the client.

          The client, in terms of his/her necessity and possibilities, could make option between following collaboration modalities:

               - Fee per hour er hour

               - Fixed fee xed fee

               - Result fixed feeixed fee

               - Result percentage fee age fee age fee age fee age fee age fee

               - Subscription

          We assure free juridical and technical consultancy by e-mail in case of the response does not impose a laborious documentation for us (special regulations, complex investigations etc.). The complex consultancies will be paid. Please use the e-mail address for the free consultancies and other information.




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